Solar Energy

We have always used the energy of the sun as far back as humans have existed on this planet. As far back as 5,000 years ago, people "worshipped" the sun. Ra, the sun-god, who was considered the first king of Egypt. In Mesopotamia, the sun-god Shamash was a major deity and was equated with justice. In Greece there were two sun deities, Apollo and Helios. The influence of the sun also appears in other religions - Zoroastrianism, Mithraism, Roman religion, Hinduism, Buddhism, the Druids of England, the Aztecs of Mexico, the Incas of Peru, and many Native American tribes.

We know today, that the sun is simply our nearest star. Without it, life would not exist on our planet. We use the sun's energy every day in many different ways.

Our sun is a gigantic nuclear fusion reactor to be burned in every second 564 million tons of hydrogen into helium ". The solar radiation striking the earth returns in the year consumes more than 200,000 billion kWh of energy and thus something 3,000 times more energy than the entire world population. We contribute our part in order to harness some of this energy.

When we hang laundry outside to dry in the sun, we are using the sun's heat to do work - drying our clothes.

Going solar: The Basics Economic benefits

There is no time like the present to take advantage of them and begin saving money on your electric bill by installing a clean, solar electric system. The incentives available for solar today are generous. However, they decrease over time, so the sooner you apply, the greater your rebate will be. Contact us to learn how you can secure the greatest total incentive for your solar system today.

** Special discounts for builders and new construction projects**

Solar Home Loan

- A home equity-based loan for your solar system can help turn a larger upfront cost into smaller monthly loan payments that match your current electric bill. By offsetting your new solar loan with the reduction in your monthly electric bill, you can take advantage of the savings from your solar system without any out-of-pocket expense. ECO Group Ltd can assist you with securing a solar home loan, which is among the most competitive loan packages available.

** Other financing options are available - please contact us for more information**

No matter how you do the economics, the best time to install any solar hot water system is 5 years ago. Given that this is not usually possible; any time from then up to the present day- and even a little bit into the future- is a good second best. Every household uses different amounts of hot water. How much you will save on your electricity bill by using solar hot water heating will depend on how you use the system, the size of your system and where you live. As a rule of thumb, you can expect to save up to 75% of your hot water bill by using solar energy.

Solar Thermal Panels  (to produce heat)
Flat panels  
Vacuum tubes  
Solar Photovoltaic Panels  (to produce electric power)
Mono Crystal

Poly Crystal
Thin Film (flexible panels) - right image
BIPV See thru panels - bottom image


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