What is Solar Cooling?

Solar cooling is based on the idea to combine solar thermal collectors with a system which is able to change solar energy into cold.

The solar thermal driven cooling technologies ca be divided into three principle technologies: absorption, adsorption chillers, and open sorption assisted air conditioning systems (DEC). Most solar cooling systems use absorption chillers (60% in Europe, Source: IEA SHC Task 38, Solar Air-conditioning and Refrigeration). In principle these work like normal electrically driven, compressor refrigerators. Instead of electricity the absorption chiller in a solar cooling system uses hot water from solar thermal collectors to generate cold , e.g. for the cooling of a room a whole building.

5KW 10KW

The chillers provide cold water at temperatures between 6 degrees Celsius and 18 degrees Celsius. They can therefore be used for central air conditioners as well as cooling systems with decentralised air treatment, such as fan coils and cooing ceilings. Additionally the heat source of the solar thermal collectors, could be used for hot water during the year (swimming pool, kitchen, shower, etc.) and for the heating system in winter time.

Harness the plenty hours of sunlight that bless our Islands, and reap its many benefits in your everyday needs.
MALTA - Average Daily hours of Sunshine
January 5.46
February 6.36
March 7.33
April 8.46
May 9.99
June 11.23
July 12.15
August 11.36
September 9.00
October 7.22
November 6.50
December 5.20
Source: Maltaweather.com



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