The Problem
We have come to expect that heating a home means putting up with high electricity bills, with fluctuations in temperature between on and off settings of baseboard heaters, register and radiators. We simply accept that temperatures will differ considerably from room to room, that our heating bill may rival the size of our mortgage payment, that our sinuses and skin will starve for moisture every winter and that our feet will be perpetually cold. We simply have learned to live with these discomforts - until now - Solar Floor Heating!

The Solution
Solar floor heating is simple. It works by using the floor as a giant radiator. Plastic tubes are laid out, in the case of concrete slab-on-grade construction, the tubes are embedded in the concrete. Warm water supplied from a boiler circulates through the network of tubes gently warming the floor. The warm floor then radiates to all objects in the room.

Electrical Under floor heating – Suitable for both Soft & Hard Flooring Unseen Luxury
Today, underfloor heating is the perfect way to create a comfortable environment. Imagine the comfort of standing barefoot on a warm tile floor on a winters morning - Luxury. Ecofloor & Ecofilm can make your dreams come true.

By using the whole surface of the floor to radiate heat, Ecofloor & Ecofilm provides the perfect heat distribution throughout the room, resulting in a feeling of warmth wherever you are.

Floor heating produces the optimum heat distribution in any room. This means that air temperatures can be lowered by 2 - 3 degrees compared to a conventional convector system while still maintaining a comfortable environment. Ecofloor & Ecofilm can realise energy savings of up to 15% if the floor is well insulated.

Radiators do not contribute to the aesthetics of a room and influence room layout. Installing Ecofloor or Ecofilm, out of sight, under the floor, completely invisible and unobtrusive allows you more flexibility in creating your perfect living environment.

As well as removing hot surfaces, Ecofloor & Ecofilm will quickly dry up wet areas in bathrooms, shower rooms and kitchen flooring, preventing dampness and avoiding potential slippery surface.

Simple Controls
Ecofloor & Ecofilm are controlled independently of the main heating system. Each area heated is controlled by an elegant but simple timer-thermostat that offers total control 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows maximum flexibility to fit with your lifestyle.


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